Laura Grannary

Welcome! I am a successful dental hygienist, mom(2 now adult kids), wife and volunteer in the community, just as many of you play a role in your personal community of “life” that includes your family, friends and workplace etc...
I was introduced to Epicure™ by my sister(Cheryl) who invited me to sample some of the food at her consultant/friend’s place(Tina’s)...I was hooked and my imagination took over for all of the meal possibilities using these products! I went to my sister’s class and then had 1 of my own with Tina to help my sister get a gift. I had 3 of my own that year (1 for every new catalog). We tried something new every time and the recipes have since become household favorites with my kids and husband.
Later that same year my boss informed us that he was selling his dental practice-I knew nothing about running a business like Epicure™ but I called Tina because I did not want to train a new boss and my career needed a back-up plan. Over the years I have been able to supplement my dental income with money that I have used for all those extras that come up in family life: home renovations, car repairs, School fees and supplies(uniforms) and Christmas gifts. We even went on a trip for our 20th Wedding anniversary to Mexico-all paid for with my Epicure™ income...
I have personally helped change the lives of many people in small and big ways(everyone has different needs that I can fill) and my goals for the future are bigger than ever!
My mission is to help the next generation(and you) make good food choices. As a result I have inspired and educated our community, changed the lives of some of my team mates and my own life...I am part of something “life-changing” that will make a difference in our community across Canada and eventually beyond.

If we change what is on our plates I KNOW we can change the world!